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Yoga for Lung Health with Kelly Sobanski and Tony Hirsch

April 23, 2022 @ 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Yoga for Lung Health, Heart Health & Immunity

Saturday April 23rd 2 – 4:30 pm PST / 5 – 7:30 pm EST on zoom

with Kelly Sobanski CIYT and Tony Hirsch, Respiratory Therapist


In this workshop, Iyengar Yoga meets Respiratory health in an informative way for healing the immune system, enhancing respiratory function and for circulatory support. Each practitioner will learn specific Iyengar Yoga and Respiratory Therapy techniques to support your personal circumstances. This workshop is ideal for students who want to practice an array of pose categories that bring circulation into the body, improve lung health and enhance immunity. This is a pro-active approach to staying healthy and can empower those who are recovering from illness.

At the beginning of this workshop, Tony will teach chest percussion techniques and postural drainage positions to help remove mucus and other secretions from the lungs and airways. Attendees will get to practice this – and even learn how certain approaches to coughing can further remove secretions.

With Kelly, you learn about the specific ways yoga supports respiratory, immune and heart health.  Kelly will teach a specific sequence for optimal circulation which includes mobility, stability and relaxation. You will learn how to flip the lungs with a variety of pose categories to maximize circulation flow into the lungs, heart, brain and other vital organs.

Kelly & Tony’s collaboration started in 2017 when Kelly was having trouble with asthma while teaching. Tony stayed after class and did chest percussion on her in a supported downward dog pose. Kelly coughed up mucus and felt much better, then she was hooked on healing the lungs! After that, this lung-health teamwork began and never stopped. Now more than ever, the integration of respiratory therapy and yoga is important to help people heal their lungs and immune systems. By having two teachers who have personally gone through health


“I discovered through studio practice in this sixth decade of my life that Iyengar Yoga began giving me something so very intrinsic. I can manage chronic pain without relying on daily medications.” -Tony


In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Tools take care of your lungs and immune system.
  • Chest percussion techniques to help remove mucus from the lungs and airways.
  • Postural drainage, relaxation and muscular movements that utilize gravity to rid the lungs and airways of mucus.
  • How to do a specific cough that can help maintain alveolar integrity and help prevent lung collapses.
  • An asana sequence that turns the body and lungs in various positions to build immunity, enhance circulation and improve breathing.
  • Why certain categories of poses can provide optimal circulation and organic health.
  • Which poses can help alleviate inflammation, rest the lungs and stabilize the nervous system.
  • Which poses can encourage a relaxation response to release stress within the body, mind and emotions.

Register with someone you know! If students and/or teachers attend in pairs, or with another partner, the chest percussion techniques can be done on each other. Otherwise, this technique can be practiced with a bolster.

This course is designed for those with at least 6 months of consistent Iyengar Yoga practice. Teachers and teachers-in-training who want to learn to better help their students are most welcome. Students who have Covid (without fever) or who are recovering from Covid are encouraged to join.

This workshop is not for students who have complex breathing conditions, consistent cough, fever, trouble getting up from the floor, acute dizziness, etc. These conditions can be better addressed with private yoga sessions.

If you have questions about whether this class is for you, please email before registering.

This will be a workshop that uses props typical in an Iyengar Yoga class. Please have one “yoga chair” and a dining room chair that is a similar size – or two yoga chairs. You will also need 1 bolster, two yoga blocks, two belts, and three blankets.



We plan that this zoom workshop will be recorded. Every registrant will receive access to the recording for one month. If you cannot attend the workshop live, you can pre-register and receive the recording.



$45 per person  – a special rate if you register by April 15

$60 per person if you register after April 15



We do expect that this workshop will sell out, so register without delay. One hour prior to the workshop you will receive a unique zoom log-in and specific instructions.

First time on Zoom with us? Check out our tip sheet! Our tips will help you get ready for your first time with us.

You can find out more about our Live Online Programming here


Kelly Sobanski is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher at the Intermediate Junior III level. Based in Indiana, she has studied directly with BKS Iyengar, Geeta Iyengar and Abhijata Shridar including six months of study at the Iyengar Institute in Pune, India. Kelly has deep knowledge of Iyengar Yoga therapeutics and pain management, gleaned from her own practice and eight years assisting in Lois Steinberg’s therapy classes at Iyengar Yoga Champaign-Urbana and her time at the Iyengar Institute in Pune. Kelly has worked with many students with intricate and in-depth physical challenges. Kelly inspires practitioners at all levels to cultivate wisdom, intuition and luminance through the endless learning that yoga unveils.  She is also a dedicated volunteer including past President of the Board of Directors for the Iyengar Yoga Association of the Mid-West.


Tony Hirsch is now recently retired after 37 years as a clinical Registered Respiratory Therapist. He worked with all age groups in clinical hospital arenas of adult intensive care, pulmonary function lab, emergency medicine, and home care. It was because of a diagnosis in his early 20’s of hyper-reactive airway disease that presented itself with asthma-like symptoms he met respiratory therapy first hand. Inspired by the respiratory therapists that helped him manage and treat his own disease process, it was a logical choice to pursue and education in Respiratory Therapy and a long career of helping folks to breathe and then to breathing better!

His health history includes diagnosis of aortic stenosis. In 2001 and 2013 (and most likely in the decade to come) he underwent two sternotomies and two open-heart surgeries for aortic valve repairs.

A life changing moment occurred in his life in 2015 when he attended his first Iyengar Yoga class in Bloomington, Indiana. After the introduction of Iyengar Yoga, he credits learning first-hand the methodologies of Iyengar Yoga and Iyengar Yoga Therapy from his teacher, Kelly Sobanski. The union of the breath and the asana in yoga practice enlivened him to recover well from sternotomies and cervical spine diagnosis (spondylosis). Living and breathing vigorously, vitally, and peacefully because of an Iyengar Yoga practice is the expression of his life now in retirement. He makes it his mission to help anyone who will listen and learn about the breath and how everything everywhere on planet earth chases the breath.

“My yoga practice gives me compassion, observation and personal experience to educate people and demonstrate the many benefits of renewing their lung health and lung strength.” -Tony



April 23, 2022
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm


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