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Mantras & Invocations

Invocation to Patanjali

Chant with BKS Iyengar followed by Geeta Iyengar doing the invocation with students in call and response at RIMYI in Pune, India. Translation and commentary on the invocation here.



Om Sahana Vavatu – Student/Teacher Chant

A Shanti Mantra to bring about peace and an auspicious relationship between teacher and student. (Translation here)



Om Purnamadah Purnamidam

Often used as a closing chant. The Shanti mantra (invocatory verse) of Isha Upanishad which is a part of the (Shukla) Yajurveda. (Translation from Green Message)

पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदं पूर्णात्पूर्णमुदच्यते | पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ||



Gayatri Mantra

The great universal prayer enshrined in the Vedas. (Translation/explanation by Sathya Sai Baba)



Slokas from the Guru Gita

Chanted by Swami Atmananda (English Translation here)


Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu

The Maha Devi Mantra. “As and when you remember me when faced with a hardship, I will demolish your difficulties at once!” (Translation from Green Message)


Asato Ma Sadgamaya

(English translation and meaning from