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Below is a description of all our classes.

All classes at Adeline Yoga include yoga postures, and during the month you will also learn pranayama basics such as awareness of the breath and breathing techniques. It is also typical that our Iyengar Yoga classes include yoga philosophy in some way, where you will learn more about the path of yoga, the history of Iyengar Yoga, and how you can practice yoga off the mat and into the world.

We offer a free studio orientation to all new students. We want to get to know you and help you meet your goals – whether you are live online or taking classes in person.

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Please contact us at or (510) 982-1873 if you would like help finding the perfect classes for you.


Fundamentals Series

This 4-session series is specially designed for beginners. You will learn the foundations of Iyengar yoga to help you build strength and flexibility and relieve stress. Designed for total beginners and students who want a better understanding of the foundational poses of Iyengar yoga. Each 75-minute session will build upon the prior class in a progressive manner.  You will get the most out of the classes if you attend the entire series. Upon completion of the series, you will be prepared to enter Foundations classes. All body types and abilities are welcome.



For newbies with no or little experience doing Iyengar Yoga. Every glorious home is built on a strong foundation, right? In this class, you will build your strength, stamina and confidence through standing poses.  From there, you learn other types of poses including forward extensions, back extensions, restorative postures and get an introduction to types of inversions.  This class is excellent for people who have taken our yoga fundamentals series, or who are preparing to take it. It is geared to people who are newer to developing body awareness and using props.


Continuing Beginner

For students with experience doing Iyengar Yoga. The foundation of the method is continued through the more complex standing poses. In this class we will also refine your practice of shoulderstand and headstand, forward extensions and backbends. You will get to learn more about twists and abdominals too. In this class, the goal is for students build their strength and stamina even more, and expand their repertoire of yoga poses.



For those with solid Iyengar Yoga experience. Intermediate classes focus on refining basic postures and introducing new poses including all the inversions and their variations, pushing up into backbends, holding deeper forward extensions and getting into the arm balances too. This class is appropriate if you can do Salamba Sirsasana and Salamba Sarvangasana for 3 – 5 minutes with variations – and know the alternatives when these poses are not appropriate for you.



For sincere Iyengar Yoga practitioners with at least three years of consistent study with a Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor (CIYT). This class assumes a thorough understanding of all intermediate poses and their Sanskrit names. The advanced class builds on the foundational and intermediate poses to introduce the advanced body-knotting poses, sitting pranayama and more. This class is appropriate if you can do Salamba Sirsasana and Sarvangasana for 5-10 minutes each, with variations, and push up to Urdhva Dhanurasana on your own – and know the alternatives when these poses are not appropriate for you


Gentle Pace

A gentle yoga class good for beginners and students desiring a moderately paced class. If you have nagging injuries, chronic conditions or specific individual needs, this is a good class for you. Find personalized attention with creative modifications and prop use from a certified yoga teacher. Includes active and restorative poses, and basic breathing techniques.

Yoga for Bone Health

For people who want to increase their strength, flexibility and balance by working on their bone health. Regular attendance in this class can also help with increased bone mineral density, added physical strength and stamina, improved balance and coordination, better posture, enhanced flexibility and range of motion and less stress and anxiety. With a different focus each week, we will explore a range of yoga poses that develop these benefits.


Yoga for Healthy Aging

It is designed for those whose injuries and limitations make it necessary to practice slowly and with focus. This class teaches students how to help themselves using the healing benefits of asana as their tool. For example, it offers techniques for joint support, muscular strength, balance maintenance, and injury prevention to help us as we age.


Community Class

An all-levels class offered at a rate of sliding scale of $8, $12 or $18.  Or use the membership or class pass you already have.

We offer sliding scale in the spirit of equity and accessibility while inviting you to to supporting our teachers and studio. If you can pay more, please do so.  This allows us to continue offering yoga to a large and diverse array of community members. We recognize that the lower end of our pricing may still feel out of reach, or you may want to take classes beyond the Community Classes.  We have a special fund to provide this type of support. Contact for more info.



Intended for rejuvenation via supported postures that soothe the nervous system and alleviate chronic tension.



Breath awareness classes offered regularly in a series format. See the current schedule for upcoming dates.

Community Meditation

This is your opportunity to explore meditative practices within the eight limbed yoga tradition. Meditation, or dhyana, is the steadying of the mind and heart to experience the space and peace inside ourselves. Mediation has many benefits: it can help bring greater clarity, purpose, and well-being into your life. In this class, asana and pranayama will be taught to prepare for meditation. After instructions are offered, we will sit for silent meditation. Each session will close with community discussion focused on the theme of the class.



Back Care

This class moves more slowly than general classes and offers a step-by-step approach to relieving and preventing back pain. It is recommended for those who are new to yoga, new to working with back issues through yoga or those who prefer to move at a slower pace.  Appropriate for people with muscle strain, disc herniation, scoliosis, and both lower and upper back/neck conditions.



Led Practice

Qualified teachers will lead this group practice session, doing the poses with you. It is different than a regular class. The names of poses will be called out and students follow along. In these practices usually no instructions are given.  Instead, it is a fun group practice where everyone does the poses together. Led practice is geared toward people with 6+ months Iyengar Yoga experience and current attendance in level continuing beginner or intermediate classes. Students should know the names of the poses taught in an Iyengar Yoga class.