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Kurmasana with Melinda Morey

Sometimes it is not a bad thing to have your head in the sand.  Watching a female sea turtle make her way up the beach to lay a clutch of eggs, one can see it is an arduous journey. The sea turtle is not particularly fast in the ocean, with its big body and relatively small flippers, but on land … [Read more...] about Kurmasana with Melinda Morey

Savasana Kitty

Martha was my Savasana Kitty. This beautiful stray, who in 1996 sat on my back porch and cried until I let her into my house and into my heart – much to the dismay of Dora, my other cat.   Martha’s striking gold eyes were offset by her long, dark sable-colored fur. Although shy and sweet-tempered, … [Read more...] about Savasana Kitty