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What can yoga do for a cyclist?


Berkeley’s Bicycle Boulevards are a treasure. The encouragement that I feel each day for riding a bicycle to my destination is immense and made so simple! Seeing so many cyclists efficiently using our roads, bike paths, and bicycle boulevards pushes me to bike whenever I have the chance.

As I make the transition from four wheels to two, I wonder: are we taking proper care of our bodies after long days on our bikes filled with running errands, getting to work and commuting to yoga class? With a vehicle, it is crucial that we change the oil, pump up the tires, check the engine frequently, etc. Of course we maintain our bicycles and pump the wheels of our tires, but what about checking in with the main engine – our bodies. Taking care of that vehicle when we are using it as a vehicle can sometimes fall to the wayside.

That is why I am inspiring all of my cyclist friends to try out Bridget Frederick’s Workshop Yoga for Cyclists.

I caught up with a few ladies that joined Bridget for her short cyclist class at our Open House, and here is what they had to say:

“After a long ride, knowing the right areas to stretch is invaluable and will keep you healthy and out on the road.   Bridget is a great resource for athletes to integrate yoga practice into daily training. It really helped get out some of the aches and pains in my back and hamstrings.”

-Xana Wolf 
“When I first walked into Bridget’s class for cyclists, I thought I knew what I was in for – extensive hip openers, downward facing dog and a few cat cows. At least, these were the few poses I had traditionally used to ease the impacts that cycling left on my body. By the time I left her 30-minute demo class, offered as a part of Adeline Yoga’s Open House and grand reopening, I had learned numerous new poses to add to me everyday practice.”
-Kit Solowy
Yo CycleWith all of the inspiration out there to Bike Oakland, we should add a little yoga into the mix, and treat our bodies to a practice that enables our muscles to be comfortable both on and off of our two-wheelers.