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emotional balance

Savasana Kitty

Martha was my Savasana Kitty. This beautiful stray, who in 1996 sat on my back porch and cried until I let her into my house and into my heart – much to the dismay of Dora, my other cat.   Martha’s striking gold eyes were offset by her long, dark sable-colored fur. Although shy and sweet-tempered, … [Read more...] about Savasana Kitty

Yoga for Stabilizing Anxiety

I’ll be teaching a workshop on Anxiety and yoga on February 28, so I’ve been exploring the nature of this malady. What are its roots? Why does one person take the things life throws their way in stride, while another becomes paralyzed with fear under the same circumstances? Anything you read on … [Read more...] about Yoga for Stabilizing Anxiety