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Survey Says….

Here are the results to the recent student survey.  Student responses are in bold.

More restorative classes.

We currently have two restorative classes per week that are quite small and offer personalized attention.  We are looking into the possibility of having a monthly restorative class on the weekend.

In the meantime, most of our teachers teach restorative classes at least once a month, often the last week.  That means that you probably have at least ten additional restorative classes to choose from.  Check with your teacher for their schedule or call us and we can help you find a restorative class that works at a time for you.

2 evening options would be great (like a 6pm and 8pm)

We had have late evening classes in the past, all so poorly attended that we had to cancel them.  As our student base grows, we will try again. Hopefully in September. If you have suggestions of specific classes or teachers you would like to see, please let us know.

It would be great if we kept reminding the guys to not smell….not that important but as summer is approaching…things get sticky in there.

Thanks for the heads up!  Some of us are very scent sensitive.  Part of saucha (cleanliness) is coming to class clean and scent free. Even perfumes can be hard on many of our students.

I would love Jessie to teach an hour long pranayama after Thursday night class

Us too 🙂

Until that happens, in the fall we will bring back the 4-course pranayama series taught by Heather.

I know that it’s financially better for the studio to have more people in classes but small class sizes work better for the space and individual attention.  

Hopefully with the platform gone, the studio feels more spacious.  Though our capacity is about 25 students, the majority of our classes have less than 10 students.  If you feel too crowded, we do recommend you try out some of our other classes.  That said, if any of our classes consistently hit the 20 student mark, we will absolutely consider limiting the class size.  It is important that the quality of the student experience be maintained.

Erin has been asking if we want the chant to Patangalie (bad spelling) at the start of her classes. Everyone said it was not necessary, many prefer it not be included at her noon class.

What an interesting issue.  Thanks for bringing it up.  Every teacher is encouraged to interpret the teaching of Iyengar yoga in the way they choose.  The invocation to Patanjali is not mandatory.  Many students like an invocation or moment of quiet because it serves as a blessing for an auspicious occasion and brings a specific beginning to the class.

Interestingly by tradition all ancient yoga texts start with “atha” which means “now begins the auspicious beginnings” and they also end with “iti” which means “the end”.  Humans have long appreciated a sense of ceremony, whether it is saying Grace before a meal or singing before a baseball game.  It is a chance to focus and quiet the mind and bring mindfulness to the practice.  As for our classes at Adeline, each teacher brings their own vision to the beginning and end of the practice.

More fundamentals

We currently offer three fundamentals classes per week and will try to put a fourth one on the fall schedule.  We are trying out a new Saturday Fundamentals class starting at the end of this month.

Any way to add a few curved curtain rods for quick changes in the main room?

YES!  We have been working on this.  We haven’t been able to move out of the “is a bathtub tucked away back there?” solutions.  But we are working on it, so please stay tuned.

I need something gentler.

Have you tried our restorative classes?  They are definitely gentle.  If you are looking for an active gentle class please stay tuned!  In the fall we are hoping to debut two classes that would fall in the gentle category.

I would love to see more classes on Saturdays…that would be great.

A Saturday afternoon fundamentals class will start July 27th 4 – 5:30 pm with Sarah. Mark your calendar!

I wish the noon classes were more of a challenge and taught by Iyengar trained teachers

We recently changed the noon class schedule.  Melinda is now teaching Wednesdays and Sarah is teaching Thursdays.  They are both certified Iyengar instructors.  Come check them out!   We will also have a teachers meeting soon and will discuss the idea of bringing levels to the noon classes so you know exactly what to expect, and are challenged at your level.

I’d like to see more level 3 classes.

Roger that!  As the studio evolves we will add another one.  Hopefully by September.

Most of my friends go to donation based studios so I wouldn’t recommend Adeline.

We have four donation based classes a week at Adeline.  Many people are surprised by this.  The classes are taught both by new teachers and seasoned faculty.  We are proud to make yoga accessible to everyone.

A special topic class or short series of classes for hip issues would be great.

Great suggestion, we will put it on the list.  There are some offerings to help you now:  the Yoga for Cyclist workshop will work on the hips.  And, many hip problems can be addressed through the knees and low back, both of which we we will address in upcoming workshops.

I have felt pressured to do shoulder and head stands even though my body (neck specifically) does not like them.  Every class I have gone to focuses on them at the end of the practice, it would be nice to focus on good alternatives as well so I don’t feel like a wussy for not doing them because my body says no.

Great point!  It is absolutely true the the Iyengars feel inversions are incredibly important for physical and mental health.  However, it does not need to be neck or shoulder stands.  Please do ask your teacher for alternatives.  Setubanda Sarvangasana (bridge pose) and Viparita Karani (Legs up the wall) can be great alternatives and give you tremendous benefit.

Yoga for back problems

Coming Soon.  Stay tuned to the newsletter!

I remember I use to be bothered by heat, stuffiness.

We have put in ceilings fans which help the situation.  Its not perfect, but it is better.  We will keep looking at solutions.  We agree, that this is an area that needs improvement.

My original gateway to yoga was to recover from a very serious injury.  It would be really great if one of the senior teachers would think about having injury “office hours” – most recovery involves a real understanding of the injury and the asanas to help, specifically tailored for the situation.

What a great idea!  We will see what we can do to make this happen.  One thing you can do now is arrange for a private lesson with one of our teachers.  A 1-hour private lesson can help you pinpoint a sequence to promote healing and help you develop a game plan for your body.  Please contact us at and we can point you to the teacher most knowledgeable about your condition.

Heather was quite rude to me the one time I took class here. She is clearly a very good teacher, but her abrasiveness turned me off to Iyengar style yoga entirely.

Thank you for your honesty.  I would like to apologize for any approach that came across as rude.  It likely wasn’t intended that way.  Like everyone I have bad days, days with less mindfulness.  Please know that my my foibles are my own, and do not reflect the habits of our larger Iyengar Yoga community.  While BKS has been known as a lion, these days he is a very astute lamb.  Please don’t let one experience turn you off from the whole practice.  We do have lots of nice Iyengar teachers here at the studio who you might really enjoy.