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Spring Rejuvenation FAQ

Harness the power of yoga, a healthy diet and lifestyle routines through Ayurveda. 

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Is this a program about restriction or deprivation?

NO.  Its about joy and expansion.  Imagine zesty spices and luscious meals.

Seriously, Ayurvedic meals are delicious!

With the focus on balance of ingredients and timing of the meals, your digestion may become more efficient and your sleep will likely improve. When you use the recipes you will feel uplifted and light on your feet.

How much time is required?

It totally depends on what you want to put into it.  Last year’s participants spent as little as 15 min a day, but we do recommend you give sufficient time to dive into the material.  

That can include

  • 15-min every morning for meditation and journaling. (We will give you all the tools.)
  • 2x a week meal prep to make your week go smoothly.
  • One 30-min session with one of our program leaders.
  • Take 2 yoga classes a week
  • Attend the two short Ayurveda classes.  You can do them live, or watch on your own with the recordings.

Is this all on zoom?

Yes! If you live in Berkeley, we do invite you to also attend yoga classes live in person.  We hope during the month you can meet some of the other program participants and leaders IRL!

Are there any purchases in addition to registration necessary for me to get the most out of the program?

It totally depends on what you want to do during the month, and what you have at home.  Let’s go through the whole program:

You will be cooking, so you might save money because you will likely be eating out less.  Though if you already cook all your meals, you might spend a little more at the grocery store because you likely will try out a few ingredients that are not already in your pantry, such as specific spices and grains.

Ayurveda has a number of self-care techniques you might want to try out, such as a tongue scraper, neti pot and self-massage with oil.  If you don’t already have these, you may want to purchase.  You can expect these would cost less than $15 per item.

Yoga props?  If you don’t have any yoga props at home, you will want to borrow or buy the basics: a yoga mat, strap, block and 3 blankets.  If you live near Berkeley we have that covered for you:  We will have plenty of used props at our swap on March 18th.  And/or, you can get new props through a discount code we will give you.

Lastly:  your time with us! This program includes one private session with Sandy or Tiffany.  If you would like to purchase weekly private sessions that support your transformation, we are here to help! Additional sessions are discounted for you: one 30-min session: $65 or three 30-min sessions $180 (must be used by May 1).

Transform your body and mind so that you can access the best version of yourself.

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