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Results from the Student Satisfaction Survey

In early December we conducted our annual Student Satisfaction Survey.  We got over 100 very insightful responses!

Your feedback was very helpful, and actionable.  A big thanks goes out to Rebecca Ratzkin for helping to design the survey.


Here are the highlights of what you told us:

Why did you originally start yoga?


What keeps you doing yoga now?


The majority of you seem happy with the current class times and offerings.

That’s a relief, and very helpful to know.  We did hear that you want more level 1 and level 3 classes, especially evening level 1 classes.  We will make those adjustments as quickly as we can.  You will see some additions to the 2015 schedule starting in January – including Melinda teaching a level 1 class on Thursdays from 5:45 – 7:15 pm.

The workshop topics you most would like to see this year are:

Core Strength, Emotional Balance, Hip Opening, Yoga for Neck and Shoulders and Yoga for Home practice.  We will schedule all these the first half of 2015.  Yoga for a Home Practice is already scheduled for January 10th.

 63% of respondents said that they would like to pre-register for classes.

We were surprised and very pleased to see the interest in this feature.  You can get started right now! There are two ways to pre-register for classes:  Use the app called Mindbody Connect or here on  On most pages you will find a box in the bottom left corner of every page that says “Student Login”

The vast majority of you said that the frequency of our email communication was “just right”.


Half of you said you might / definitely would be interested in a membership program.

That’s great news! We are putting the final touches on that program and will be ready to announce it by January 1.

Yoga Blessings Fund Update

We didn’t ask any questions about the Yoga Blessings fund, except to see whether or not you wanted part of your membership to go to the Fund.  There was not a high interest in that concept, so we have put other things into our membership program.  However, we do know that many of you are extremely interested in that fund.  Now is a good opportunity to comment publicly about it.  Check out this blog piece for all the details.

Nearly 60% of of you said you were highly satisfied by your experience at Adeline.

We blush.

There was quite a bit of insightful feedback that you wrote in the comments section.

We got feedback on many topics relating to handling space, improving training of check-in procedures, managing the airflow and noise levels from the outside.  Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.  We have been implementing your suggestions as quickly as we can. Please stay tuned!


Congratulations to Hope A. – our winner in the drawing for a free week of yoga!