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Is Adeline Yoga only for young people?


Iyengar yoga is for ALL people.

We are incredibly inspired by our teacher BKS Iyengar.  At age 96, he still strides into the practice hall nearly every day.  Mr. Iyengar and his daughter Geeta  – who will turn age 70 this year – have taught us the positive benefits of practicing yoga at every age. They also have taught us how to harness the power of the yoga practice in order to maintain and improve our health in the long term.

It takes courage to start a yoga practice at any age.  As we get older, the benefits of a regular practice can be critical to our quality of life.  Yoga can improve your balance, increase your strength and range of motion and improve the quality of your sleep.

Yoga is unique in that the quality of your experience is what is important, not the outcome of the poses.  Indeed, it is inevitable that life outside the studio brings us face-to-face with many difficulties and changes. Yoga is not an instant cure all, but it is a practice that can serve as a tool for understanding and addressing life’s challenges.

With this in mind, Adeline Yoga has created a varied schedule so that everyone can find something that is a good fit for them. We offer thirty classes a week, and our teachers have very different backgrounds.  The important thing is try out different classes until you find the teacher and class that feels right for you.