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Boost Your Immune System

It’s the season when we need to take care of our immune systems! Please wash your hands frequently and rest at home when you are sick.  If you have a fever, you should stay at home. If you’re feeling congested, achy or run down, listen to your body and practice immunity boosting poses at home.

ere is an immune boosting sequence for you to work with at home.  Please only try it if you are comfortable with inversions.  If not, please practice some of the other immune boosting poses.

– Inversions – if you currently practice them, increase your time
– Supported forward bends (onto a bolster or chair)
– Supta baddha konasana
– Setu bandha sarvangasana

Other Tips for Winter Self Care
Put tumeric and ginger into your meals as much as possible. I like to shave fresh tumeric and ginger into boiling water – add a little honey and some lemon and this makes a delicious tea.

Boost yourself with extra vitamins and anti-oxidents.

Get balanced through the foods you eat! Drop heavy fried foods and opt for seasonal vegetables that are sauteed, steamed or baked. Now is the time to eat more root vegetables every day: beets, rutabaga, yams, carrots, turnips and sweet potatoes are a delicious way to stay grounded.

Keep warm! Carry extra socks, hat and a scarf in your car to keep you warm for when your plans change.

Keep moving! Our noontime classes will give your circulation and re-energizing you for the day. Our 4 pm classes focus on rejuvenation and nourishment on a soul-level.

We hope this helps boost your immunity and stay strong during the winter months.

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