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Companies we love

We are so happy that for the last 15 years Adeline Yoga has been able to provide quality Iyengar Yoga.  We are grateful to our community of teachers and staff who have kept us strong.

One thing that people do ask us is what happens behind the scenes?  The answer is:  A LOT.  If you can imagine us doing water ballet.  Above the water – things look beautiful.  Because they are beautiful!  Under the water, though there is a lot of fancy footwork that is powerfully coordinated to deliver such beautiful results above the water.

There are a whole group of people that are part of our “secret sauce” when it comes to managing the business.  In particular, there are folks in the marketing realm that help us continuously surprise and delight the people within our community.    I am often asked who are the favorite companies that we work with. Here are some of the organizations that help us with marketing:

Barbara McDonald is our extraordinary designer – everything from signs to the logos you see here.

Sticker Mule – we are CRAZY for stickers.  Over the years, we have made dozens of orders of stickers – itsy bitsy ones for the back of our phone, ginormous ones to decorate our journals and even the holographic stickers you see here.  The one I am really looking forward to next is the logo sticker.

Canva – we literally make dozens of graphics every week whether its for social media or fliers at the studio or even videos for our students.  Canva does so much.

We would love to know your questions and suggestions about what goes on behind the scenes at Adeline Yoga.  Comment below!