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Yoga Philosophy

Heather’s Ayurvedic Rituals

Arriving in Pune, several friends have told me I have a “new glow” that they hadn’t seen before.  I know what they are talking about, as I feel it inside.  The glow is a newly developed energy radiating from within.  Probably, at its source are this studio and my two new kittens.  But another big … [Read more...] about Heather’s Ayurvedic Rituals

Keep it Simple. Namaste!

The complexity of yoga postures always astounds me. Take namaskārāsana in swastikasana, for instance: Sitting upright, the shins crossed, the palms pressing at the heart. "Namaste.” Certainly, such a pose like namaskārāsana seems quite simple physically, even philosophically, when you look at it … [Read more...] about Keep it Simple. Namaste!

Independence of Body

I knew my attraction to yoga was for a deeper purpose when I first stepped onto a mat at the ripe age of 16. It was a very lovely class to begin my journey in the yogic realm, the instructor was a small, nice man named Leonard who taught a Wednesday night class at Gold’s Gym in my small town. He was … [Read more...] about Independence of Body