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Teacher Feature: Cynthia Bates

We caught up with one of our Adeline Yoga Instructors. Cynthia offers some sage yoga advice!


What is your advice to beginners?
I have taught many Introduction to Yoga classes over the years and the #1 advice I give to students is commit to at least one yoga class per week and barring a death in the family make sure you are there. Then, additional classes you are able to make it to are icing on the cake!

The world isn’t really black and white but it is our nature to break it down into categories. There are two categories of new students. Those who are super enthusiastic and want to chat with me after class about how powerful the practice is and how they are going to do 10 classes a week….and then stop showing up after 3-4 weeks.

Then, there are those quiet students who show up every week and listen carefully. All of a sudden, I realize they’ve been there steadily for a year! And, they’ll finally come up to me a tell me a beautiful story of how the regular practice of yoga has helped them to make lasting positive change in their life. How their relationships are better or they were able to finally start a creative project that had been thinking about for years or their health and energy has improved.

So step-by-step, make a commitment to yourself and a yoga practice that you can stick to with the following criteria:
1) TIME: a time that you can make 95% of the time
2) TEACHER: a teacher that you have a connection with and look forward to seeing
3) COMMITMENT: Buy a class pass so you will have a financial commitment and incentive to attend
4) COMMUNITY: Bring a friend or make a friend in class that you can make a pact with that you will both show up