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Starter Pass

Dial in your yoga practice so that you wake up refreshed every day


Enjoy unlimited access to our online and in-person classes over two weeks.


Indian Woman in Warrior 1 Pose Surrounded by Greenery

Here is what makes this starter pass different:

You get teachers who have their eyes on you – they really know what they’re doing

It takes years, even decades for teachers to become masterful in how they work with students of all different shapes and abilities. 

Our teachers have the experience you need to overcome injuries, manage your aches and pains and meet your wellness goals. You deserve to study with people are trained in observation skills and understand how to modify EVERY pose so receive guidance in ways that are healthy and helpful.  This is where Iyengar Yoga really shines.  Our training process and rigorous assessment standards are regarded as the gold-standard worldwide.  Even on zoom, you can be sure we are watching you and there to support you every step of the way.

Your classes are sequenced
in an intelligent way

A poorly designed yoga class can make you feel terrible—or even cause injury. 

You need a class that is expertly designed.  Our well balanced classes are intentionally sequenced to build strength, encourage flexibility AND give you time to enjoy the effects of class as you rest.   At the end of class you’ll feel physically challenged, balanced and inspired.  It’s yoga that goes beyond the physical postures. For yoga to be truly effective, your practice must incorporate the breath so you can slow down and be present. Yes, yoga starts with the body that you live in. Your flexibility, your strength and ability to both heal and soothe is critical to your health and wellbeing. Also critical is your mind-set and your mental health.  Yoga must also include Vedic philosophy and approaches to your thought patterns so you can navigate the world with enhanced compassion, empathy and friendliness.  Iyengar Yoga incorporates philosophy in every class. We talk about how the mind works, how to recognize and overcome obstacles and how to improve your focus.  

Introducing the


2 weeks for $49

A welcome pass for busy people to get strong and centered through a personalized and sensible yoga practice.  

This is your invitation to start a yoga practice that helps you meet life with confidence and equanimity.

Enjoy unlimited access to our online and in-person classes over two weeks.

Yes, you will learn a few cool yoga poses to help you feel amazing every time you do them.

But more importantly you will be starting a yoga journey that will help you wake up inspired for the day ahead. 

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from the Iyengar Family and mixed it with our own daily practice.

Yes, with this starter pass you’ll learn the foundational aspects of yoga, and yes you will become more flexible and comfortable in your own body.

However, the starter pack isn’t so much a sampler of classes as it is the start of you becoming the best version of yourself.

Join us today and enjoy our classes for $49. This is an unlimited pass, valid for 2 weeks.

Includes a free studio orientation & consult – so that you can get to know us and we can get to know you.

When you experience expert instruction combined with intelligent sequencing, you will develop a yoga practice that helps you live your life at its fullest.




For yoga to make an impact, learning has to be progressive

Every Iyengar Yoga class builds from the foundation as our starting point. – whether you take it from us or our colleagues in Peoria, Pittsburg, Pune or Prague. We always start with the feet and legs and move upwards so you have a solid foundation.  We start with foundational poses before moving to advanced asana.  We make sure you understand the instructions before moving on.  We leave time for questions so you feel confident.  When learning is progressive, you can go further faster.  

Our classes are not for you if you want a quick fix.  We are so invested in progressive learning that we commit to you totally – on your good days and on those days when everything feels like it is falling apart.

It’s time to turn your body into a treasured friend



Here’s why you might be struggling to get started:

Reason #1:

It’s intimidating

Yup!  Starting something new does require a leap of faith.  We are here to catch you.  We offer a highly personalized practice at group class rates.  Our student support coordinator is here to get you signed up for the right classes at a time that works for your schedule.

Reason #2:

You aren’t sure you have the time – or money – to put into this

There is no doubt that you DO need to carve out time each day to practice.  We have 40+ classes a week for you to choose from whether you are an early-bird, a night owl or prefer to be a warrior on the weekend.  Plus our members get recordings every week – for free – that they can do on their own.

Reason #3:

You heard Iyengar Yoga was hard core strict

Well – for sure we are serious about we do.  It’s because we take YOU seriously.  We love Iyengar Yoga and we know it works!  We have a lot of fun practicing together and love watching our students grow.  We cannot wait to get to know your goals and help you achieve them.

We believe yoga MUST be accessible to anyone who sincerely wants to practice.  Want to class every day or once a week?  Planning to join us on your own or with a partner? We have an option to meet every situation budget. Let’s talk!


What our students are saying

Every teacher at Adeline has the passion and commitment to teach. The support you feel inspires you to go deeper in your practice.”
Madhu Uberoi 


Iyengar Yoga has helped me sleep better. I’ve learned that small adjustments and focusing on creating comfort with self-kindness really helps.”
-Kristin Cato

The teachers are meticulous and smart, offer inspiring instructions and such a great sense of energy.  They give beautifully planned classes, and a really great way of connecting the practice to larger social and spiritual issues.”
-Susan Foster



This starter pass is for you if:

You are ready

to develop a relationship with yourself, your teacher and a diverse community that loves to practice Iyengar Yoga.

You are delighted

by the idea of creating a connection to history, to a practice that goes back thousands of years.

You are excited

to start a practice that will help you meet your wellness goals.

This program is NOT for you if: You’re looking for a quick fix.
We are here for your transformation.  That will take time, energy and fair amount of patience.




Enjoy unlimited access to our online and in-person classes over two weeks.



Questions people ask before saying “Sign me up”:

Do I need special equipment?

If you are practicing with us at the studio, you don’t need to bring anything. 

If you are practicing live online with us, at first, just a yoga mat and a regular chair will do.  Eventually yes, you will want yoga props at home.  Over time most students put together a kit of props that include a yoga strap, blocks, blankets and a bolster.  We can help you figure out the best props for your needs, where to get them and how to use them.

I have experience with Iyengar Yoga, is this package good for me too?

 Yes! We offer intermediate and advanced classes every day of the week, and regular advanced monthly workshops.

What happens after I take all three classes?

Most students who complete their intro package go on to become monthly members. 

We’d love to talk with you about the options that best fit your needs and budget.  Our most popular options are here but we have many more options. Reach out to or give us a ring at 510-270-0740 when the time is right.

What if something unexpected happens and I can’t come to class?

Life does take some unexpected twists and turns.  Our best laid plans can definitely get derailed!  Our admin team is a phone call or email away and we’re always happy to help.

What if I don’t like the experience?

We will give you your money back! If you don’t find value in what you purchased, let us know and will give you a refund.