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Sadhana Studies: A Transformative Life-altering Experience

I had a professor as an undergrad who blurted out one day that “those who do not keep a journal, lose their lives in the process.” At 18 I was not so clear on what he meant. Some 25+ years later I realizethat we are ever-evolving and we forget the details as we forge towards the future. To document things along the way allows us the luxury of holding a partial map of the steps we took that led us to where we are today. The simple act of putting down on paper further helps process, grieve, learn, heal, and grow.

It is a cathartic and empowering act that makes life’s journey more deep, more concrete, somehow more real.

I am sad to say that my relationship with journaling has been spotty at best. When I have gone back and looked at things I wrote even a couple of years ago, I gain a better understanding of my psyche and with any luck see a positive evolution and real growth.

My relationship with Yoga is similar. There are days when we do an asana and realize I can now reach,bend, and twist in ways I could not a few months ago. How did I get there?

We are 19 to have registered to for the first Adeline Studio Sadhana studies program. Each of us has taken a different path to get here; each of us has different talents; each of us have different goals.  As we collectively embark on a Sadhana studies program and seek to gain a better understanding of the treasures that Yoga offers, we have the opportunity to record our journey and document the steps in the many faceted program through this collective blog. In this way, we tacitly agree to share a piece of the journey together; we profit from each other’s talents; we enlarge our scope and possibly expand our reach towards bigger goals.

We further record this important piece of our lives so that when we look back a few years from now, we better understand the steps that led us to who we have become. For, the decision to join this program is not a minor step, it is the beginning of a transformative, potentially life-altering experience.

For me, Sadhana studies is an earnest attempt to attain congruence and equanimity. I am honored to embark in this endeavor with this group of sadhakas and in the hands of such learned gurus.

Elizabeth Chaponot

Born and raised in the United States, Elizabeth is also a product of the French educational system abroad and has experience in international education both as a student and as an educator. She is fluent in both French and English, holds a French Baccalaureat a US Bachelor’s in English, a Master’s in International Education and a Ph.D. in Educational Administration (minor in Applied Linguistics).   Elizabeth Chaponot has spent 25 years working in schools in a variety of roles.  She relocated to the Bay area in 2013 for work.  The move allowed her to discover Adeline Studio in 2014 and Iyengar Yoga.  After many false starts with other yoga styles, she felt an immediate connection to the rich and respectful approach to an ancient tradition.  Enrolling in the Sadhana studies program seemed a natural progression to further her understanding.