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The PHIT Act: Saving You Money and Encouraging Physical Activity

What is the PHIT Act?

The Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act (Bill Number: H.R. 1582 & S.786) is legislation proposed to encourage physical activity by making it more affordable. The PHIT Act will allow flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs) to pay for youth sports fees, sports and exercise equipment, health club memberships, fitness classes, and outdoor recreation.

What Are the Benefits of the PHIT Act?

By passing the PHIT Act, you can save 20-37% on your physical activity expenses. This legislation aims to make it easier and more affordable for individuals to live an active lifestyle. Additionally, by making physical activity more affordable, the PHIT Act can help curb healthcare expenditures in the long run.

How Can You Support the PHIT Act?

You can support the PHIT Act by visiting Passphit is an organization dedicated to advocating for the PHIT Act and educating people on its benefits. On the Passphit website, you can learn more about the bill, find resources to contact your legislators, and join the movement to make physical activity more accessible for all.

By promoting the PHIT Act, we can work towards a more active and healthier society while saving money in the process.