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Yoga Blessings Fundraising Campaign

December 1, 2020

Did you know that:

● Donations to this fund help make yoga affordable to the community while bolstering the stability of our yoga center.

● This fund supports people of all backgrounds, particularly people of color. Students use this fund to pay for weekly classes, workshops, discounted memberships, special events and deep study programs like Yoga for Life, Yoga For Healthy Aging and Sadhana Studies.

● It’s very easy for members to make an ongoing donation by adding to the cost of their monthly membership fee. Even $5 a month makes a difference!

● Adeline’s Yoga Blessings Fund is unique among yoga studios, and within the world of Iyengar Yoga. No other scholarship fund offers yoga students the level and scope of support provided by the Yoga Blessings Fund.

Click ​below to make an ongoing donation​ of:

$5 dollars a month
$10 dollars a month
$15 dollars a month

Or ​you can make a one-time donation here.

This year the economic downturn has had a dramatic impact on our community. Requests for financial support are more than ​6 times higher than last year. The Yoga Blessings Fund has distributed scholarships to our students valued at over $15,000 so far this year.

Even with the contributions received to date, the Fund now has a negative balance of over $7,000. The goal of this fundraising campaign is to replenish the Fund, and create an ongoing source of donations to sustain the fund over the months and years to come.

Building a vibrant Yoga Blessing Fund means raising $18,000 a year ($1,500/month). WE CAN DO THIS! All it takes is for 60 people to pledge $20 a month to reach $1,200 in monthly donations – that’s 80% of the goal right there. One-time donations, along with fundraising workshops and other events could easily make up the difference.

Where do you fit on the spectrum of financial stability these days? This campaign presents us with an opportunity to practice ​Satya​ (truth, honesty, integrity). Look inside – we hear this every day from our teachers. Can you stretch your budget and strengthen our community to help make classes at Adeline Yoga more accessible to our ever-widening student base?

It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by the chaos that surrounds us. Yoga practice helps develop the equanimity that allows us to stay grounded. By observing ​Aparigraha​ (non-hoarding) we avoid the fear and scarcity mentality that promotes competition and hoarding. Individual acts of generosity can have a profound impact, not only on our family, friends and neighbors, but also on people we don’t know. By giving and sharing with your community, you also give back to yourself.



December 1, 2020